Aiya T’anna’s mission is to help women of all ages, young, seasoned and even more seasoned conquer the devastating task of finding the correct fitting bra. Being a heavy breasted women all of my life it was hell not being able to have the cute bras that my friends were sporting. From back pains to overgrown breast, I was lost. I needed someone to teach me the proper fit and style when it came to bras. Having my daughter I realized this is something that not only she but every girl has, will or is facing. At 30 something on New Years eve I stood around all of my close female friends and realized NOT one but ALL of them were in an incorrect bra for their breast size. That’s all it took. When there is more than 10 women around at once and I see an issue a solution has to be created. AIYA T’ANNA’S was formed. Name after my brightness moment in life my passion, my love and joy!! So welcome to the world where we are all equals trying to discover our better selves!

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